Chapter 10: Dilemmas of Development


Maintain Marxism
You wish to keep the Kashmiri economy under total state control and isolate Kashmir from the international community.


You have chosen a Marxist economic path. Your domestic firms develop slowly and lag behind internationally competitive firms. Your firms do not have the incentive to innovate or offer lower prices because the state will bail them out under all circumstances. Furthermore, your isolation with regards to international economic integration means your firms will survive but will not access the technology, managerial expertise, labor, and capital of the world economy. Your economy is forecasted to be moderately stable, but your growth trajectory is abysmal.

As the Secretary of Economic Development in a developing country, your two goals were to stabilize and grow the Kashmiri economy. Unfortunately, your growth trajectory is poor enough for you to receive a failing grade by the Prime Minister, and he relieves you of your duties.

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