Chapter 4: The Analysis of Foreign Policy


Azmenistan rejects your proposal.

Azmenistan continues to insist that it is not pursuing a weapons program.

Azmenistan welcomes the idea of reduced tariffs and a larger trade relationship, and offers to reciprocate such measures as a gesture of good will to ease tensions, but refuses to link any changes in your economic relationship to concessions pertaining to Azmenistan's nuclear program.

What do you do now?

Accept their proposalCut tariffs on imports from Azmenistan as a gesture of good will, reduce imports from Brezistan, and attempt to repair your relationship with Azmenistan.
Refuse their proposalTell Azmenistan that your offer applies only if enrichment stops. Additionally, tell Azmenistan that refusal to agree to nuclear concessions will be taken as a confession to enrichment activities, and you will be forced to deal with Azmenistan accordingly.
Cut off all ties with AzmenistanIn effect, pretend Azmenistan does not exist. Allow day-to-day business to go on as usual, but do not make any diplomatic connections with Azmenistan and refuse to acknowledge Azmenistan within the international community. Simply entirely ignore the country.
Invade AzmenistanYou cannot wait for Azmenistan to acquire a nuclear weapon. You think you may have a conventional military advantage, and you need to eliminate Azmenistan's nuclear program before the development of a weapon eliminates your advantage. Send troops to destroy Azmenistan's enrichment facilities.