Chapter 4: The Analysis of Foreign Policy


The Prime Minister of Azmenistan refuses to meet with you. He claims that you have threatened his country and insulted his foreign minister, which constitutes an insult to him and to all of Azmenistan.

He says that until you issue a formal apology and back down on all nuclear issues, Azmenistan will not conduct any diplomatic meetings with your state.

What do you do now?

Apologize profuselyAttempt to return to the status quo; it is probably not worth upsetting Azmenistan. Your relationship with Azmenistan is too important for a nuclear program to get in the way. Issue a formal apology, and ask Azmenistan's Prime Minister directly if he would be willing to return to normalcy.
Start a propaganda campaignIn your country use television ads, newspapers, and radio broadcasts to depict Azmenistan as a bully. Additionally, secretly spread anti-nuclear propaganda to the people of Azmenistan in the hopes that Azmenistan's populace will pressure Azmenistan's government to forego its nuclear program.
Offer economic incentivesTell Azmenistan that if it agrees to stop enriching uranium immediately, you will cut tariffs significantly on all agriculture and steel coming from Azmenistan, and will rely more heavily on Azmenistan and less heavily on Brezistan for agriculture and steel, providing both absolute gains and relative gains with respect to Brezistan for Azmenistan.
Coordinate economic sanctionsThe UN is very interested in levying sanctions against Azmenistan, and Brezistan strongly supports the movement. In a joint effort with the UN, agree to stop buying steel and agriculture from Azmenistan and stop selling oil and natural gas to Azmenistan. Replace your steel and agricultural imports by relying more heavily on Brezistan. UN countries will help mitigate the losses of your energy exports.
Invade AzmenistanYou cannot wait for Azmenistan to acquire a nuclear weapon. You think you may have a conventional military advantage, and you need to eliminate Azmenistan's nuclear program before the development of a weapon eliminates your advantage. Send troops to destroy Azmenistan's enrichment facilities.