Chapter 4: The Analysis of Foreign Policy


The international community is incredibly frustrated with you. Your help is needed for any sort of international effort against Azmenistan to be successful. Your relations with Azmenistan bump up, but enrichment accelerates nonetheless.

The IAEA finds new evidence, via satellite imagery, that Azmenistan may be able to produce a nuclear weapon within a year, and your inaction has led the international community to distrust you. Your choice to stand by while Azmenistan pursues a nuclear weapon has led some to believe that you are sharing nuclear secrets and are seeking your own weapons program.

Brezistan has convinced other nations to keep you out of the loop with respect to action against Azmenistan.

What do you do now?

Reverse your decisionIt is time to step up and do something about the nuclear program before Azmenistan becomes any more dangerous. Furthermore, now is your last chance to protect your image with the international community.
Maintain your positionDon't change your choices, and just keep doing what you're doing.
Launch your own nuclear programThe international community already doesn't trust you. Try to build a closer relationship with Azmenistan, offering economic aid and highly favorable trade terms, and try to strike a close alliance. If you can come to share a nuclear pact, you will be a two-headed force in the international community.