Chapter 5: War and its Causes


Bolivia waits fifteen days, but your chief intelligence officer informs you that Bolivia appears ready to strike on the morning of the sixteenth day. It appears that Bolivia plans to commence a bombing raid on your border cities, primarily Puerto Maldonado, Juliaca, and Puno. Those cities are collectively home to some 500,000 people.

What do you do now?

Pre-emptively strike BoliviaLaunch airstrikes against key government and military targets, and send troops to the border to protect against a counterattack. Declare that Bolivia's demands constituted a hostile act, and you were forced to respond militarily to pre-empt the threat and protect Peru's national interests.
Put troops on alertWait and see what happens. If Bolivia attacks, your troops have standing orders to engage. If Bolivia does not attack, you have avoided any bloodshed.
Evacuate major population centersSet up anti-aircraft systems at key points along the border and around nearby cities, and keep troops on high alert. Give orders that at the first sign of aggression from Bolivia, the military should engage Bolivian troops, strike key military targets, and attempt to achieve a swift victory.
Inform the UNShare the intelligence report and request help. Wait for a response from the UN.