Chapter 5: War and its Causes


Bolivia is incensed and doubles the fee it is demanding from you. The international community returns mostly to your side, but even your allies admonish you for your actions. Bolivia demands that the now even higher payment, plus the territorial concessions, be made within two weeks or else Bolivia will invade.

What do you do now?

Hold strongKeep several thousand troops at the Bolivian border, but ensure that they are under strict orders not to engage until further notice. Warn Bolivia again that Peru is prepared to fight to protect its territory, and demand that Bolivia rescind its demands.
Ignore the ultimatum entirelyThe demands are likely a bluff; the Bolivian President should know that he will lose a war, and will not risk escalating the conflict.
Submit to demandsPay the reparations and give Bolivia the territory. It is not worth risking a war with an unpredictable dictator. Peru might lose a lot more than that if Bolivia launched a war of conquest, and the war effort would likely cost significantly more than the sum Bolivia is demanding.
Pre-emptively strike BoliviaLaunch airstrikes against key government and military targets, and send troops to the border to protect against a counterattack. Declare that Bolivia's demands constituted a hostile act, and you were forced to respond militarily to pre-empt the threat and protect Peru's national interests.