Chapter 5: War and its Causes


This is unprecedented, and triggers a crisis. While some in your cabinet hoped that the UN might help you broker a deal in which you released the Foreign Minister in exchange for a halt to Bolivian aggression, Bolivia is not interested in diplomacy. Bolivia invades within 48 hours and a catastrophic war ensues. By holding the Foreign Minister, you have lost legitimacy in the eyes of the international community, and the UN will not come to your aid. While the Security Council expresses interest in brokering a deal, as does Brazil and the United States, among others, Bolivia is not interested in a deal, so you are left to fight a war by yourself. The war devastates Peru. While ultimately you defeat the Bolivian military and the Bolivian President is forced out of power, it comes at the cost of tens of thousands of Peruvian lives and staggering economic costs. At the end of your term you leave office, leaving behind a disastrous legacy and watching from the sidelines as your country works to put itself back together.

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