Chapter 5: War and its Causes


This was a rash decision. The general result is twofold. First, Bolivia is furious, and threatens to invade immediately if the Foreign Minister is not immediately released and sent back to La Paz within 24 hours. Second, you have lost significant legitimacy in the eyes of the international community. You are now violating international norms and customs, and the international community is softening its stance on Bolivia's posturing, which now seems like a legitimate response to your behavior.

What do you do now?

Release him and apologizeAcknowledge that it was a rash decision. Then, after the Foreign Minister has returned home, declare again that you will absolutely not cede any territory or pay any sum to Bolivia.
Release him with announcementMake it clear that your seizure of the Foreign Minister was intended as a message to Bolivia that Peru will not back down. Peru cannot be dictated to. If Bolivia continues to try to force concessions from Peru, Peru will not hesitate to take strong action.
Continue to hold himAnnounce that until Bolivia backs down from its stance and agrees not to push for any concessions from Peru, the Foreign Minister will be held as a prisoner of war. The Foreign Minister could be a useful bargaining chip.